UI Unlocked

I do explain the UI for new players, thats why you may read things you already now if you are a veteran. Some things have changed in the UI. Be sure not to miss something by skipping a section, thinking "I know that from TSW."
I did already change some things. The minimap is top right by default, but I like it bottom right. The menu bar can be switched in the options from top of the screen by default to bottom of the screen. I resized it and added transparency, you can do that in the options.

By default you have a menu bar on top like in TSW and an XP bar on the bottom of the screen, I decided to lock them down both on the bottom. The XP Bar will always be below the menu bar if both are place on the bottom or on top of it when placed on top of the screen.

The compass is on top of the screen by default, I resized and moved it, as well as the Weapon Mechanics and resource bars. You can resize things by simple placing the mouse over them and use the mouse wheel, but there are also options in the game options menu.
I did add an extra Chat Window above the minimap for various information.

Note that this game uses the mouse to turn you char. There is also a mouse mode which gives you full control of the mouse to select things. Mouse mode is activated by pressing ALT by default.

The unlocked UI

The Parts explained:

On the left side of the menu bar you can see this little icons. First one is the Hive Icon, indicating if you are patron or not. Itīs greyed out, I am not. Clicking on the Gift box will bring up the Daily Rewards Window. But it will pop up anyway the first time you login on a day. Next are the Currencys: Aurum, Marks and Anima Shards. Not sure if Third Age Fragments will be displayed.

SP and AP
The right side of the UI Bar shows your SP and AP Points, which are used to unlock Weapon abilites and passives. Keep in mind that 50 is the cap. Next Icon is an Indicator showing if your connection to the server is ok. The Time displays the ingame time by default. You can click on it to show the real time. Last Icon is used to unlock the parts of the UI which could be moved around.

XP Bar
The xp bar and level are a new mechanic, which is supposed to help players figure out which content they can do right now. You can see the Numbers by hovering over the XP Bar. Notice the small blue and yellow bars on the bar? They show when the next AP/SP Points are unlocked. According to this picture I will unlock an SP very soon and another shortly after, followed from one AP Point.

The next section covers the Main Bar which is so big that I decided to cut it in half: Main Hub Left
On the left you have your own Health Bar, Your Buffs/Debuffs and your casting bar. (1) Right now I am casting "All In". The Blue Bar next (3) shows how good the State of your Anima is right now. Dying will damage your anima and ive you a debuff you have to buy away with anima shards. If you donīt do that and die a second or a third time then your anima will weaken even more. This will weaken your abilites and stats. Basically this mechanic simulates what is repair damage in other games.
(4) Are the health potions. As I mentioned in the F2P Section you have only one which is an ability, not an item anymore. This Healing ability will grow when you level. F2P Players get 3 uses while Patrons get 5 per day. If you use them all you can refill your Health Potion uses by clicking on the little green "+" Icon above it. This will cost 500 Marks of Favor. In the Picture I already used one, if I want to refil it, I had to pay 500 Marks.
(5) are your abilities. You can see that the 1st one is ready, the 2nd one is on cooldown, 18.41 seconds left. The 3rd has a yellow border which indicates that it is an Elite Ability - All in, which I am casting right now.
(8) is the Weapon Mechanic of your primary weapon. In this case the revolver. Below it is the energy, which is at full 15 at that moment.

Main Hub Right
This is the right half of the Main Bar. You see the abilities 4-6, 4 is on cooldown.
(6) is the gadget. You have a gadget slot in the inventory and whatever you place there will be shown in this slot on the Main Bar. In my case it is a Healing which I can use for myself or for someone else if I target them first.
(7) is the secondary quickslot bar which is filled automatically. Sprint always seems to be first. Second is a button to unlock a Cache, it is greyed out because I have no keys right now. The other two are used during missions where you get items to use. You do select the type of sprint in another window.
(2) is the enemys health bar. Polaris Boss The Varangian, casting "Deep Blast" right now. Buffs and Debuffs are shown the same way like on your own Health bar.
Last is (9) - the secondary weapon mechanic, in this case I carry a sword as secondary weapon. Below is the Energy of the Sword, full at 15 right now.

Dash Bar and compass
This is the Compass, which is placed on top of the screen by default. I changed that to my liking. The blue bar below is important, it is an energy bar which is consumed once you sideroll. It fills up over time. Until it is maxed out you are not able to sideroll again.

On the Right Side of the Screen you will find the Missions Bar. It can display 1 Main Mission, 1 Dungeon Mission, 1 Action/Sabotage Mission, 1 Ivestigative Mission and 3 Side Missions. However: only one mission can be active at a time and displayed on top. In this case "The Body" is displayed twice because because the Mission tab is unlocked. If the Mission tab is locked you will see missions only once. But you can see that "The Body" is the active mission, displayed above the Main Mission "Dawning of an Endless Night" and you can see that it is a side mission, showing up in one of three slots reserved for side missions.

You can have more Missions than displayed here. If you pick up a new mission and already have one of that type the game will ask you if you want to pause the one already displayed.

You can have a look on the Missions Window to activate and pause missions and to see what missions you have already completed.

During the first Missions you get a Mobile Phone from your faction. Once you complete a Mission a window will pop up, asking you if you want to send a Mission Report. If you do not send it immediately the window will go away and the green Button above the Mission Bar will show up. You will get XP, Anima Shards and Rewards (which mysteriously appear in your inventory) for Missions after you send the Mission Report.
* Mission Tab

NOTE: Some missions have a time limit. The timer shows up before the Name of the Quest and I did miss it three times because it is small on default, ending up thinking a mission is bugged, while I just ran out of time. There was no warning about that timer, so be sure to check your Mission Bar once you accept a mission.

Use Bar
This is one of the core game mechanics. If you target something which you can interact with you get a "use that" or "examine that" displayed. While playing the game you will notice Questtrigger, displayed next to items or NPCs which. In TSW you could simply use your mouse to select a mission or the conversation icon if you had more than one option to choose from. In SWL its a littlebit more complicated. By default the button to use things is "F". You can target NPCs and use "F" to talk to them if they are supposed to talk to you. But simply pressing "F" while targeting a Quest Giver will start the mission intro of the mission displayed on top. After you accepted that quest you can press "F" again and the next mission intro will start.
You can still use mouse mode to select an Icon by yourself.
Because of the active targeting system you will have to turn your reticle onto the questtrigger. Once you select a quest, read it carefully, sometimes you have to pick up an item right next to the questtrigger which are not usable before you accepted the quest. A good example are the "Mailman" Missions in Kingsmouth. Once you started the mission you will have to pick up the quest item - the package - right next to the Missiontrigger.

When you join a group you can see the health bars of your group members displayed on the right side of the screen. The devs mentioned that the Tank will always be topmost. You can target the group members by pressing F1-F4. You also lock a group member as defensive target with Strg+Tab. (This may trigger a Healing Potion, because Tab is bound to the Healing Potion by default, you may change that) Remember what I wrote about the gadget I had? Using it would heal me unless I select a friendly target or have a defensive target already selected.

Last thing I will explain is the reticle, an important part of the combat system.
In the picture above you can see the reticle I selected. Basically a big white dot, as long as I do not target something. Once I target something it turns smaller and red, showing that I would still hit the right Sea Burial, even though I am aiming not exactly at him. Thatīs because Mobs have a hit box around them which is bigger then the acutal model. This does make aiming easier. Furthermore there are a lot of Area of Effect Abilitys which hit several mobs even if you target only one. (I do love pistols because of that).

There are some parts of the UI I do not explain because they are either self explanatory or you you get a tutorial when you use them for the first time. I decided not to explain any windows you open up from the menu because I explain some in other sections and I donīt think you will need explanation for the rest.