Greetings, Stranger, welcome to my Secret World Legends Fanpage

The Purpose of this page is to give some information about the game once the NDA ends. Right now it does look like they keep it up until head start which may lead to the thought that this page is obsolete. I would say that this is not true because I gather some useful information here, including some guides and tips on game mechanics, as well as a gamepad support. Bascially I tried to do some kind of tutorial which should help newbies and vets to understand SWL.

I own TSW and I did play it on release but I never made it beyond Kingsmouth because I was confused about some game mechanics and lost interest soon. TSW and now SWL are great games with an interesting setting and story. It would be a shame if people will abandon the game because it is to complicated. This was the case with TSW and even with simplified mechanics in TSW - compared with SWL - There are still things you have to realize. Because I am not a TSW Veteran, I can look at the differences between the game without the need to judge wether or not the changes are good or bad.

Note that all Information here is from the beta. I did not play to far, only level 26, and I was not able to test some things so I have to guess sometimes how a mechanic works in the final game. And Funcom may change some things until release. If you find something on my page which describes things different than in the live version, please let me know. I want to keep these pages up as a tutorial for players which join later and keep it up to date with valid information.

The reason why I did not play further than 26 was that the new combat system triggered my gaming sickness. I had to stop playing and to learn how to program a Gamepad with Pinncale Gamepad Profiler first, because there is no natural Gamepad support right now. Then I adapted an existing Gamepad Profile from TSW for SWL and improved it during several game sessions. Playing with gamepad helps me to avoid Gaming Sickness and I gathered some tips on how to avoid these triggers in SWL and other games.

Although I did not make it to the endgame I did get enough impressions to answer and explain some basic things. Furthermore I took part in a lot of discussions in the Beta Forum and was able to read the impressions and experiences of other players which traveled deeper into the endgame. Some of the things you get to read here is based on their reports. I wish I had thought about writing down not only the important conclusions but the names of those which provided them as well. Sadly I did not and when the Beta came to an end we lost the access to the beta forums and I was not able to find out who said what anymore. I want you to know that I did not come up with all the information by myself, even when I am not able to give credit to the people which provided it.

You can give me feedback via the E-Mail Symbol on this website or you can find me
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Have a great time in SWL!