Gamepad Support

There is no native gamepad support in TSWL. However, there are third party solutions. And they work out pretty well so far. I did play all the way to level 26 inlcuding running the Polaris a couple of times, both single and in group, all worked fine. I had a great time playing and got rid of my gaming sickness which was the reason for me to make the profile.

The Third Party App I choose is Pinnacle Game Profiler, Funcom does not have a problem with that software. You can test the software for 30 days, then you have to buy it. Right know you get a lifetime license for only 5,99$, a bargain, I would think. Here is a link to the website:

I did use a profile someone else created for TSW, therefore a big chunk of the work was made not by myself. The credits for the original profile goes to NokeHart.

To get the gamepad support working, you simply have to install Pinnacle Game Profiler and download my preset Profile. Right-Click on the link below and "save as"

Pinnacle Gamepad Profiler Profile for SWL

The Profile is optimized for a Xbox 350 equivalent Razer Sabertooth. It should work with every Gamepad and you may change the buttons to your liking, using Pinnacle Game Profiler.

To activate it, you simply click on the file once you have installed the Software. By default the profile is linked to the exe of the beta and the folder I installed it, but that should not be a problem, you can change that, or manually activate and deactivate the Profile every time you start SWL.

(click on picture to get a bigger one)