Aurum, Exchange, Marks

The Exchange may be confusing if you use it for the first time. But it is easy to use once you have understood the system. It is basically like a market for gold bars. Here is a picture of the Exchange ingame. I marked some Areas in different colors for explanation below.

The Exchange

In the Exchange people place an amount of Aurum for the amount of Marks they want to have per bar. This is the OFFER (Top Aurum Sale offers). When you enter the Exchange you do not see the Trader which placed the offer. you do not see individual offers at all, you see all offers instead. If two or more traders place an offer with the same price you see the total of Aurum at that price available.

How do you buy Aurum? Simple. You place a REQUEST
In the field "Aurum quantity to Buy" you write down how much Aurum you want to buy and in the Field "Unit Purchase Price" you enter the Price at which you want to buy.. By hitting "Post" the market will accept your offer and two things will happen

First the market will withdraw the total amount of marks for that transaction from your Wallet on the bottom left of the window.

Second the market will display the current Request (you can´t have more than one it seems) in the field "Current Buy Order". As long as this Request is active the marks withdrawn for that Request are locked in the market.

If you cancel the Request the marks are placed into the Exchange Balance - above the wallet. Every single Aurum or Mark you buy are stored there until you withdraw them into your wallet.

Third - and most important - the market will have a look on the Offers if the amount of Aurum is available. In that case the Request will be carried out. Your Marks go to the Trader or Traders which offered the Aurum for that price and you get the Aurum transfered into your Exchange Balance.

You can place orders lower as the lowest offer.

In our example picture the lowest price is 125 Marks with 266 Aurum available at that price. You can buy them for that Price or you can try to play the stock market by placing an order below 125 Marks.

Since the Market can not process the Request it will be stored as your Current Buy Order. The Market will now wait for the price to drop and if that is the case it will try to carry out your order by buying the aurum at that price.

Now for the tricky part, which I have to guess right now because I have not enough marks to test it out: If there is not enough Aurum available for that price, the system will buy the available Aurum at that price and place it to your Exchange Balance. This will change the Current Buy Order to the amount of Aurum the Exchange was not yet able to buy.

Example: You want to buy 300 Aurum for 125 Marks. There are only 266 Aurum for that price available. The market will buy the 266, changing the Current Buy Order to 34.

I am pretty sure the system will work like that but have no way to test it out yet.

Keep in Mind that on Head Start there are absolutely no Marks in players Hands. Everyone has to farm them first. But because you are able to transfer Funcom Points into Auruum and buy Aurum with real money there may be some Offers from the head start on.

Unless Funcom decides to put some Aurum in the market for a price they find acceptable, the market should be empty on Head start, filling with Orders and Requests from Players over time. Both sides have their own idea off a "fair price" and at the beginning the gap between the Highest Sale Offer and the lowest Purchase Request may be huge, but it will shrink over time.

One thing which confuses people mosts is that you enter an Request X Aurum for Y Marks, it is displayed in the "Current Buy Order" Field below the Top Aurum Sale Offers. But it is a Request and if it can not be fullfilled right now it well be displayed on the right side of the Window in the table "Top Aurum Purchase Requests".

Same for Offers. You enter an offer on the right side of the window and if it can not be processed right now it shows up on the left side of the window in the "Top Aurum Sale Offer" as well as in the "Current Sell Order" Field.

To understand that is the key to use the market the right way.

The "Top..." Tables show the already existing offers and requests so that you can decide which price you want to use. When you want to sell Aurum you can have a look on the "Top Aurum Sale Offers" and see what other Traders are requesting on Marks for a single Bar Aurum. On the other side in the "Top Aurum Purchase Requests" you can see what amount of Marks Traders are willing to give away for a single bar of Aurum.
Now you can decide if you